Do Vitamins Really Work?
Did you know that nearly 50% of Americans residing in the United States use some type of vitamin or mineral supplement ever day?
Even though they may take supplements, most are unaware of the fact that nearly 90% of the nutrients and minerals found in the supplement are not properly absorbed by the body, which means they are virtually watered down and most of their benefits proven to be ineffective.
Almost all individuals who take supplements use the pill form. Pills were once thought of to be the best, simply because they were the only nutrient sources outside of the diet. These days, liquid supplements are much more effective, and people are starting to realize it. Although many use pills or chewable vitamins, they are not getting near the benefit they think they are.
Supplements are very popular and essential, especially for those who have active lifestyles and find it difficult to consume the necessary vitamins and minerals they need from the proper meals. Therefore, those with busy lifestyles turn to supplements to give their bodies what they need to carry out day to day activities. Even though you should never replace food with supplements, taken as prescribed they can help you to get the nutrients you need on a daily basis.
The main reason why liquid supplements are more effective than pills and tablets is due to the nature of their liquid base. With the supplements being in liquid form, they are easier for the body to digest and easily absorbed into the digestive tract as well. Chewable tablets and pills will pass through the body in hard form, making them hard to digest. Liquid is always digested when it passes through, so it will go through your body quicker and take effect faster.
Due to the body having to work less to break down and absorb liquid minerals, they will pass through the body much faster. The minerals contained in liquid supplements will reach vital organs faster through the bloodstream, and they are easier to use by the most important organs in your body that need them the most. Liquid is also easy to swallow, as you can add the liquid mineral supplement to your favorite juice or water, or just take it right out of the bottle if you prefer.
With pills or chewable supplements, the majority of the nutrients that are contained in it are not normally broken down in the digestive system. With these types of supplements being in hard form, they are harder for the body to pass at the most crucial moments, where the body needs to have minerals. Unless you completely chew up the tablet, it can stay in hard form until it passes through when you go to the bathroom. If this happens, you are normally just wasting the vitamin as it does not have a chance to get into the bloodstream.
Liquid supplements have proven themselves to be the best way to get the nutrients your body needs. As more and more people discover the benefits of liquid minerals and how easy they are to digest, they make the switch. Liquid is far superior to tablets and pills, simply because it tastes better, it is easier to digest, and it travels through the body faster.


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