T-cells, and lowering cholesterol levels. Sunwarrior Activated Barley has a great history dating back over 2000 years ago. The fathers of medicine discovered that the barley grain had many uses. Among one of the most amazing benefits, was the special barley milk that was created using an extraction process that unlocked its nutritional treasures.
This process was called activation. Two examples of historical note are the use of barley meal by both the Roman Armies and Gladiators. The armies of Rome conquered all of Europe as they marched at speeds up to 5 miles an hour up to 40 miles a day using barley meal. Historians noted this was due to the barley’s ability to provide energy and endurance for extended periods of time.
Modern science also shows they benefited from the immune boosting qualities which enabled them to stay healthy and heal quickly. The Gladiators had even a closer association with barley. Each Gladiator was required to eat a meal of barley every morning prior to fighting in the arena.

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